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The Texas Education Data Standard Assessment Importer (TEDS-AI)  is a utility application meant for use with the Texas Student Data System's (TSDS) studentGPS® dashboards.  It's designed to convert test scores into the TEDS XML format files InterchangeAssessmentMetadata and InterchangeStudentAssessment, which can then be loaded into the TSDS system.

It has two modes of possible input:

  • Pre-defined formats that have been coded to work directly from the vendor's proprietary raw data file or database (i.e. SAT, PSAT, ACT)
  • Eduphoria Aware connection to extract local benchmark assessments from a local or cloud instance of Aware

Current Pre-Defined Formats Available:

  • SAT csv format
  • PSAT 10/NMSQT csv format
  • PSAT 8/9 csv format
  • ACT fixed-width format
  • AP csv format
  • Eduphoria Aware™! (see here for specific instructions related to Eduphoria Aware!)

The tool is meant to be used by TSDS Data Stewards or other support personnel (perhaps at the ESC, support vendor or TEA), who are familiar with loading data into TSDS and raw test data files, and comfortable with manipulating data. 

TEDS-AI supports Unique ID matching to the result data, using a copy of your TEDS student-parent interchange. Since most test result files do not yet contain the UID, the converter program will attempt to match the UID automatically based on last name, first name, and date of birth, and possibly other things if available.  Records without a match will be rejected and put in a file for manual review.

Click on a page below or on the left hand page tree to get started.

For detailed information on the TEDS data standards for InterchangeStudentAssessment and InterchangeAssessmentMetadata, please refer to


Initial release developed by Education Service Center Region 10, Technology & Data Services under grant from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, with technology provided by the Ed-Fi Alliance that was created with support from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

Subsequent development (2.0+) funded by the Texas Education Agency through the TSDS project.

The Ed-Fi® marks are trademarks of the Ed-Fi Alliance and are used under license.  See for more details about the Ed-Fi® data standard.

Developers:  Adam Warner, Tony Esposito, and Chris Bull, Education Service Center Region 10, Richardson, Texas


Software © Copyright 2017 Texas Education Agency


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