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Clever ( and Region 10 ESC ( have joined forces to collaborate on a product that will allow districts to securely manage their data via the Clever platform.  Region 10 ESC will provide a program that will generate highly customizable extracts that districts can employ to feed their Clever accounts and, ultimately, any products available via the Clever platform.  The product will be an 'adapter' that will streamline the process of moving SIS data into the Clever platform.

Current Product Line

CAT - Clever Adapter for TxEIS gives districts that use the TxEIS student information system the capability of extracting data in compliance with the Clever specification for upload into the Clever platform.

Architectural Philosophy

The adapter is designed to have a 'pluggable' architecture allowing for future expansion of capabilities for data extraction.  Look here for further information.

Register and Download Product(s)

To register and download one of our products, go here and follow the online process.

Webinar for Initial Launch of CAT

Take a tour of the CAT product by viewing the initial webinar! 

Download the video (mp4 file) from the link below and view the presentation using Windows Media Player.

Initial CAT Webinar on August 16, 2016


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